Anger Management Classes

Offering Conflict Resolution Strategies and Communication Techniques to help change the way we cope and respond to our anger.

Two Classes to Choose From:

Anger Management Class

One Time – ½ Day Classanger This is a psycho-educational class that offers individuals ready-to-use techniques for anger management. They will walk away with strategies for communication and self-control. Classes are currently scheduled in our Dauphin County at the court house location. Register online or call 866-470-8477. Make Late Payment Here Price: $50 per class (+ $5 administration fee if paying online)

Anger Control Series

6 Therapeutic Sessions Designed for the participant who is in need of more specific interventions and a greater depth of support. These groups are small – 5 to 8 individuals will meet together weekly for 6 weeks. Groups are held in our West Shore or Carlisle locations. Cost is $50.00 per session or $300 total. Register online or call 866-470-8477