Behavioral Support Services

behavior-support-300Three levels of service are offered; for the most severe cases a client may be provided with all three sequentially. However, that is not a requirement. Each level of service is designed to meet a specific need regarding behavioral management assessments, intervention response and ongoing support.

Functional Behavioral Assessments

A Behavioral Specialist trained in Applied Behavioral Analysis and Positive Behavioral Support Theory will perform FBA’s for the purpose of analyzing the individual’s behavior and gaining a deeper understanding of its purpose and their unmet needs. The FBA will create objectives in behavioral planning for children, and/or adults with behavioral, developmental and neurological impairments. This service can be performed in the home, school, residential facility or community program. Fee for Service Cost: $400 to $600 (depending on setting and consultation needs; in rare cases where travel and consultation is excessive, fee may vary)

Behavioral Support Planning

A Behavioral Specialist will observe and assess the client in their environment/setting to determine the most appropriate intervention strategies based on those findings. A behavior plan will be created to address the behavior and any adaptations to the environment needed. Training will be offered to those implementing the plan to assure the efficacy of the interventions recommended. Behavior plans are strength-based and designed to address any behavior that interferes with the functioning of others, or may be resulting in restriction of access to services. This service is often used to support teachers, day program staff, group home settings and families with challenging behavioral dynamics. Fee for Service Cost: $85 per hour (Typical course of service is 5 to 10 hours. This service often follows the completion of a Functional Behavior Assessment, however, one is not required.)

Behavioral Consultation

Behavioral consultants provide education and support to staff working with students or adults with behavioral challenges, developmental disabilities or emotional dysfunction. Services are offered in schools, day programs, residential facilities and home settings. Behavioral consultants work with the teachers, day programs or support staff to identify appropriate and effective responses to behaviors and support the individuals need to gain necessary skills and/or adapt to the environment they are in. Fee for Service Cost: $75 per hour (This service often follows the completion of Behavioral support planning, however, not required.)