Shoplifting Prevention

A Retail Theft Prevention Program THAT REALLY WORKS. Class is a four-hour psych-educational program run by clinical and therapeutic staff that focus on behavioral change. This is a group process, not a lecture. Learn more | Shoplifting Prevention Class Fact Sheet

Anger Management

Offering Conflict Resolution Strategies and Communication Techniques to help change the way we cope and respond to our anger. Learn more | Anger Management Fact Sheet

Anger Control Series

6 Therapeutic Sessions Designed for the participant who is in need of more specific interventions and a greater depth of support. These groups are small – 5 to 8 individuals will meet together weekly for 6 weeks. Groups are held in our West Shore or Carlisle locations. Cost is $50.00 per session or $300 total.

Parenting Classes

ABC holds monthly group parenting classes in the areas listed below. Each class is three hours in length and groups are kept to 12 or less to allow for group discussion and interactive learning. When classes have less than 6 participants, it can be completed in two hours without loss of content. Learn more.