Individual and Family Services

visitation-100To provide a safe and comfortable place for children to visit with their parents. Parents and children are offered a relaxed and fun environment to meet for required visitation. Our Center offers spacious rooms that reflect a home setting. We offer families a full kitchen, six play rooms with toys and activities appropriate for infants to teens. If community activity is approved, we have an adjoining park and local shops and restaurants within walking distance.

We do not believe in video monitors or two way mirrors but provide a respectful parent supervisor in the room at all times to assure safety and appropriate engagement and communication. Learn more.

parenting-100To offer parents one to one guidance and support in the teaching and delivery of effective parenting techniques. Children do not come with a manual nor directions. We know that every family and every child is unique. ABC believes there is no “one way” nor “one secret formula” to effectively parent a child. Our parent educators are clinically licensed and/or trained in behavioral and developmental approaches based in family systems theory. They will assess your family’s unique needs, strengths and familial dynamics to help you strengthen that system by offering practical, functional parenting skills and techniques in a hands on approach. Learn more.

evals-100We offer psychological, parenting, anger and home safety evaluations. Learn more.

behavior-support-100Three levels of service are offered; for the most severe cases a client may be provided with all three sequentially. However, that is not a requirement. Each level of service is designed to meet a specific need regarding behavioral management assessments, intervention response and ongoing support. Learn more.

marriage-counseling-100hOur office has several clinicians who provide outpatient services and counseling at a private pay fee of $85 per hour. Learn more.