Skills Sessions


To offer parents one-to-one guidance and support in the teaching and delivery of effective parenting techniques. Children do not come with a manual nor directions. We know that every family and every child is unique. ABC believes there is no “one way” nor “one secret formula” to effectively parent a child. Our parent educators are clinically licensed and/or trained in behavioral and developmental approaches based in family systems theory. They will assess your family’s unique needs, strengths and familial dynamics to help you strengthen that system by offering practical, functional parenting skills and techniques in a hands on approach.


Parenting consultants first meet with the parents to identify the needs and goals for their family. Sessions may first involve only the parents to begin the foundation of the necessary skills and techniques to be mastered. Children can then join sessions in our Skills Center where the application of the learned skills can be practiced. Parents determine how many sessions they wish to participate in, based on their need and goals set.


$85/ hour – if service is provided in our office and/or Skills Center
$100/ hour – if service is provided in the family’s home.
Sessions are typically two hours in length.

If service is needed to address a familial need that meets the category of “family therapy” your insurance company may reimburse for this service. Visit the Outpatient Services page to determine eligibility.

How to Schedule:

Call our office to ask about availability for visitation: 717-241-6870 or 1-866-470-8477.